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Graduated with **First Class Honours** in BA Popular Music at Middlesex University in London. I have over 8 years experience of teaching. I can teach several music genres including blues, rock, jazz, pop, psychedelic, rockabilly, funk, soul, heavy metal, Brazilian, and more. I also teach slide guitar and music production.


I am a very motivated and enthusiastic tutor. I teach people of various ages (from 6 to 70). Don't worry if you have not learned the guitar before. You can count on me to help you learn the guitar properly.


I believe that everyone can learn music. A balance between practical and theoretical knowledge must exist to improve the learning process to the maximum level.


As your tutor, I will guide you to play the music genre(s) that you are passionate about. I will give you the tools to develop your learning to a degree level. Do you want to learn just for fun? No problem. The point is having fun and learn the guitar for yourself.


I look forward to teaching you!





  • Chords for beginners

  • Triad chords

  • Power chords

  • Tetrad chords

  • CAGED system

  • Chord changes

  • Chords with a capo

  • Chords for specific music genres

  • Chord inversions

  • How to play any chord


Time feel/tempo/rhythm


  • How to play on time

  • Playing along with a track/backing track

  • Playing with a metronome

  • Basic note values (crotchet, quaver, triplet, semiquaver)

  • Reading standard music notation




  • Pentatonic scale (major/minor)

  • Natural major/minor scale

  • Natural major/minor scale modes

  • Harmonic minor scale

  • Melodic minor scale

  • Melodic minor scale modes

  • Altered scale (super locrian)

  • Diminished scale (half whole/whole half)

  • Whole tone scale




  • Dominant 7th arpeggios

  • Minor 7th arpeggios

  • Major 7th arpeggios

  • Half diminished arpeggios

  • Diminished arpeggios


  • Starting writing songs

  • Harmonic field

  • Chord progressions

  • Scales/modes

  • Secondary dominant

  • Writing melodies

  • Writing lyrics

  • Types of rhymes

  • Song structure

  • Riffs and solos

  • Using Logic Pro X

Ear training

  • How to learn a song by ear

  • Chord recognition

  • Identifying chord changes

  • Interval recognition

  • Scale recognition

  • Identifying the key of a song

  • Transcribing a solo

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Above the Clouds

Jonathan K

Had a great lesson with Bruno. He has excellent musical knowledge and as a teacher is patient and able to communicate in a clear and easy to understand way. Looking forward to future lessons.

(26th June, 2019)






Above the Clouds

Betka S

After two years of hard work practicing guitar playing, my 8 year old son was loosing interest and wanted to give up. After meeting with Bruno and having few lessons, his interest in playing guitar and learning new tricks is growing again!
My son is spending one hour weekly with Bruno and he’s really looking forward to every lesson.
I couldn’t recommend Bruno enough! Despite his young age, he is
experienced musician, reliable, excellent role model! 
I’m really happy Bruno was recommended to us and hoping we’ll be in touch for some time...

(5th June, 2019)




Above the Clouds

Ajith S

My son has only had two lessons and he genuinely is the best teacher my son has had. We hope to continue with him being my sons guitar teacher.

(3rd September, 2020)






Above the Clouds

Michael M

Bruno is a patient and experienced teacher. He’s gently teaching me guitar basics, at my own pace, while making the lessons enjoyable, yet challenging. I highly recommend him.

(13th August, 2020)




Above the Clouds

Greg W


Started with Bruno as a complete beginner - and he's been fantastic! Very helpful, patient and a great teacher. Love each lesson, and really feel like I'm improving so quickly. Can't recommend him higher!


(14th July, 2020)




Above the Clouds

Hulya H

I just wanted to leave a review Bruno he’s a really good and professional guitarist and he have a lot of patient,I recommend him to everyone who want to start to learn guitar for the first time,he deliver the message smoothly and he’s so easy going with the stuident,I have been before with the guitarist but he’s nothing compared with Bruno because with bruno I have find it more easy to learn,just go ahead for it and book a lesson with Bruno you won’t be disappointed

(16th November, 2019)






Above the Clouds

Ella M

Bruno is a fantastic teacher who is very patient with beginners like myself. The lessons are always interesting and very well taught. He has made learning the guitar fun and I'm able to learn at my own pace.

(15th November, 2019)




Above the Clouds

Alan H


Bruno is a very nice guy and my son is playing much better with the help of his teacher. Bruno has a well interaction and my son is much more willing to practice what he is thought at the lesson. All in all we’re all very happy and absolutely recommend Bruno to teach littleones as well as adults. Alan


(17th October, 2019)




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Above the Clouds

Aneta A

Very nice teacher , good pace of the lessons with practice, chords but also songs from the first lesson.

(13th July, 2020)






Above the Clouds

Martin F

My son (Aged 11) has had two lessons so far and is really enjoying them. He previously knew some chords, but the lessons (over skype) contains much more-mixture of riffs, strumming patterns and exercises. Bruno pays closes attention to my son's playing and provides vital feedback that is already-after two lessons-improving his playing

(29th June, 2020)




Above the Clouds

Richard D


2 lessons in and Bruno seems fantastic. Great guitarist and teacher has worked well to quickly identify my current skill levels and music tastes and work to build relevant new skills. Lessons have been both fun and challenging and he’s got a very easy going and warm manner. I had another teacher a few years ago but I look forward to lessons with Bruno much more.


(19th June, 2020)




Above the Clouds

Tom F

I love having lessons with Bruno. He's very knowledgeable and I already feel I've learned loads, even after 2 lessons. Looking forward to learning more!

(15th June, 2020)






Above the Clouds

Helen B

My 8 year old has been having lessons with Bruno for a couple of months now - although a total beginner, he has made great progress. 
Bruno is a superb teacher - clearly an incredibly talented musician himself, but with such a calm, friendly personality too - he’s so amicable. Whatever problems my son encounters, Bruno always has a solution to make it work. 
A genuine, committed, excellent teacher, whom I couldn’t recommend more highly.

(22nd May, 2020)




Above the Clouds

Jake C


So far really happy! Bruno understood what exactly I want to learn and made the lessons to suit. Learned a lot already in only 2 lessons


(19th May, 2020)




Above the Clouds

Patrick M

Bruno is a great tutor...
Starting as a beginner he sets lessons to the right level whilst also keeping them interesting. 

Only been a few months but I feel like I’m progressing well. Despite the situation with lessons now being online they have also worked great!!
Would recommend!!

(23rd April, 2020)






Above the Clouds

Kurt L

Bruno is a very knowledgeable tutor, his lessons are always easy to follow and he explains all the important concepts clearly and concisely. Each lesson is fun and the songs are approachable even for a beginner like me

(7th March, 2020)




Above the Clouds

Abbe A


Great teacher, patient and takes the time to explain to younger ones (mine are 7 and 9 years old.)


(23rd January, 2020)




Above the Clouds

Lily S

Bruno is a great teacher and has been very responsive since beginning. His lesson make it easier to learn chords and technics but not too boring - good balance!

(26th November, 2019)






Above the Clouds

Rafael J

Great teacher, very energetic, patient and knowledgable which makes the lessons really fun with a good balance between theory and practice. Highly recommended.

(24th November, 2019)




Above the Clouds

Kiné D


So far so good! My son felt at ease with Bruno on his first session. He is patient and has a great knowledge around music genre. Looking forward to continue having Bruno tutor my kid


(18th November, 2019)




Above the Clouds

Shelley G

1st lesson mixture of good fun & endeavour.

(1st January, 2021)







Above the Clouds

Francesco D

Bruno is a dedicated and experienced teacher who has given me confidence in my guitar playing abilities and the understanding of the theory while keeping the fun element. Highly recommended.

(12th October, 2020)




Above the Clouds

Dylan B

Lessons with Bruno are engaging and fun, I always find myself looking forward to them! With a healthy balance of theory and practice, he has helped to develop my playing while deepening my understanding of what makes a song work. In this way Bruno helps to cultivate the musician in his students.
Above all, his lessons are a great opportunity to appreciate, learn and create blues, jazz or rock guitar music. Whether you are looking to pick up the guitar for the first 
or take your playing to the next level, Bruno is your man.

(15th September, 2020)









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